At Serena Spa we focus on the entire spa experience, not just the treatment.

We have researched traditional Asian cultures of health and wellness as well as Western systems to develop the unique Serena Spa Experience. You will recognise the traditional warmth of the Indian hospitality in contemporary elegance and soothing atmosphere.

Our spa experiences also draw inspiration from the rich heritage of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of life; Serena Spa has chosen those elements that are suitable for pampering and relaxation.

The aim is to create an individual sanctuary for all your senses

HEARING - Enjoy the wonder of peace and tranquillity with the soothing Serena Spa music
SIGHT - Our coordinated decor, elective interiors and luxurious accessories
TOUCH - The essential part of a spa experience - the touch that transfers positive energy
SMELL - Enjoy our blended oils, delicious creams and natural incense
TASTE - Sip one or more of our custom blended teas as a perfect conclusion of a spa visit

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