Serenity - Full Body Aroma Therapy Massage (50 minutes)

A full body, invigorating massage with aromatic herbal oils, specially blended for the best aromas for each type of massage. A massage with special strokes by hand to tone up the body and improve the blood circulation. Provides a deep relaxation and spiritual nurturing. Choose from four different aromatic oils.


Marma - Full Body Ayurveda Massage (90 minutes)

A traditional Ayurveda massage with herbal Ayurveda oil, stimulating all vital points of the body. This treatment is strengthening your deep muscles and ligaments and will leave you in a state of total relaxation. Recommended for general rejuvenation of the body, to reduce tension, to soothe the mind and to improve vitality. A very special and enjoyable experience for body and mind.

Antistress, Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage (35 minutes)

A relaxing and nourishing head massage will not only relieve muscle tensions, it will also invigorate the scalp and increase the blood flow. Allow you to relax and free the tension as your neck and shoulders are massaged as well. Very good for the "office" muscles. Choose from three natural herbal oils according to your hair condition.

Back Massage

Back Massage (40 minutes)

A treat to your back after a long flight or too much time spent behind a desk. This deep tissue oil massage will work through all your muscles and gently loosen up your tensions. Feel relieved and energized.

Foot & Lower Leg Massage

Foot & Lower Leg Massage (25 minutes)

Perfect for tired feet, especially after a long flight. The treatment will relax and invigorate through the therapeutic massage with a selection of aromatic oils. To cleanse and moisturise your feet, the treatment is completed with all natural foot scrub based on an age old Ayurvedic formula which includes GREEN GRAM, SANDALWOOD and HERBS. The powder is mixed with rose water for optimum results.

Adam & Eve

Adam & Eve Serenity Massage (50 minutes)

A romantic massage for couples. A deep relaxing massage with special aromatic oils by two therapists, accompanied by sandalwood incense and romantic music will ensure a very special experience. Enjoy this special experience with someone you love to enhance and revive the romance.

Serena Dhara (60 minutes)

Serena Dhara

A pleasant interpretation of a very popular and effective Ayurveda treatment, Serena Dhara starts with a synchronized body massage and then, a fine stream of warm oil is directed on the "Third Eye" area of the forehead while hands and feet are gently massaged. This has a reflex balancing effect on the deepest recesses of the brain and induces a blissful serenity and expanded consciousness. It co-ordinates and calms the mind, body and spirit. If you desire a state of tranquility then you have found the treatment.

Soothing Hot Stone Massage (90 minutes)

Soothing Hot Stone Massage

It is believed that water-smoothed stones harness the vitality and energy of the waters that have long washed over them - in this popular treatment heated stones used here are collected from the river beds of South India. The deep penetrating heat of the stones combined with traditional massage strokes relieves tension and sore muscles. The treatment also stimulates circulation, improves joint mobility, aids elimination, relieves sinuses and provides equilibrium to the body and mind. If you seek something new and beneficial, try our healing hot stone treatment.

Thai Massage

Thai Massage (60 minutes)

Thai massage traces its origins from North India over the last 7,500 years. This massage which is taught at the famous Wat Pho temple school in Bangkok includes various body manipulations and stretching. It is a perfect massage to energize you; you will experience a transformation during this massage which is enjoyed wearing a traditional Indian Yoga pyjama.

Sports Massage (50 minutes)

An invigorating, deep penetrating massage to loosen up the deep knots and hard worked muscles. We offer a selection of aromatic oils to choose from. We believe if you maintain an active lifestyle this is the massage for you.