Gan Island in the southernmost part of Maldives was host to a Royal Air Force base until March 1976. The Officers’ quarters have now been renovated and turned into a charming resort – Equator Village.

The bungalows with a total of 78 rooms are located in a lush garden area with a profusion of flowers, bushes and trees.

Being the largest island in Maldives, Gan Island offers a unique opportunity to explore the local life and buildings, either on bicycle or by a local taxi.


Treatment Rooms 2 Non- A/C
In-Room Shower YES Outdoor
Adam & Eve Room YES  
Steam Room YES Separate
Chill Pool NO  
Jacuzzi NO  
Herbal Bath NO  
Reception YES  
Relaxation YES  
Spa Restaurant NO  
Spa Boutique YES  
Hair & Beauty Salon NO